Nathan Banister


 Nathan Banister began building worlds with his first Lego set. He later earned a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and minored in Human Resources, but snuck out to earn a minor in Animation for fun. Creating parody corporate training videos for final projects led to him being paid to make actual corporate training videos, introducing him to the power of media.

Following years of success managing a financial institution, he left to pursue an MFA in Cinema-Television Production, winning numerous awards.  Now a Features Producer at an international media conglomerate, and his most recent short films currently in festivals.

Adam Bova

Producer & Assistant Director

 Adam has written and produced a variety of film projects from “The Long Way Out” to “The Churchill Tunnel Documentary” and “Shatterbox” to “Aether: Beta,” his freshman scripted series. In addition Adam has worked on two features with Home Theater Films in the casting department: “Mary 4 Mayor” and “In Lawfully Yours.” He worked on the Netflix show “Afflicted” as a sound recordist in addition to the same job on “FantomWorks” on Discovery.

He now resides in Georgia, where he is the showrunner and producer for a scripted podcast “Fine In Dandee.” He has upcoming producing and editing projects including an untitled second feature which will see the return of the creative team behind “A Place Called Home.”

Kiel Thorlton

Producer, Director, & Screenwriter

 Kiel has gravitated towards film from a very young age. Growing up in poverty in Kentucky he has worked hard to travel across the country and create film. He has earned a Master of Fine Arts in Film Directing from Regent University he has been able to create content and work with amazing people from ever

y walk of life. His short films “12:12”, “Emblem”, and “More Than” have all become award winning short films worldwide, and his latest short film “El Viaje” is currently in its festival run.  

A Place Called Home is his feature directorial debut, his heart and passion is in long form narrative and telling a character focused story. Currently he is an Assistant Professor of Film and Television at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and a Coordinating Producer for ESPN.

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